Supreme Champion

Armahani Heliodorr Hulivili (ET)

Hips: 3/2
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Clear November 2017

D.O.B:  21st May 2014

Colour: Wolf Sable

Registration: 3100306564

prcd-PRA: Clear/Normal
GSD-II: Clear/Normal

DM: At Risk
Cardio: Certified Clear

Bred and co-owned by Jacqualine Lincoln, Benni joined us in late 2016, after the passing of his first owner, Vanessa Brotto (Articmal Kennels).  

Benni has well and truly rewritten the record books to become Tasmania's most successful Finnish Lapphund, winning Best in Show (BIS1) - All Breeds,  multiple Best in Groups (BIG1), Runner-up Best in Groups (BIG2) and All Breeds and Specialty Classes in Show.


He is the first Finnish Lapphund to be invited to compete at the prestigious Contest of Champions; making it to the Final 4 dogs in 2020.

Benni has also earned his Endurance Test title. 


In August 2019, Benni became only the 7th Finnish Lapphund in Australia to gain his Supreme Champion title (and the only wolf sable), joining his litter brother, Tortik.

But most importantly, Benni is an absolute joy to live with.  We could not imagine life without our 'Big Boy'.

Benni's Pedigree.jpg


"Lovely type.  Excellent body proportions.  Beautiful head form.  Eyes could be darker.  Lovely topline and tail set.  Maximum depth of rib cage.  Correct bone and angulations.  Lovely coat quality.  Lovely mover."

Excellent Grading + Champion Quality

Best Opposite-sex Australian Bred in Show

Esa Ruotsalainen (Finland) - Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW Specialty 2019

"Good size and proportion.  Masculine head and expression.  Scissor bite.  Good pigment.  Dark eye.  Excellent ear set.  Good length of muzzle.  Firm topline.  Good tail set.  Good depth of chest.  Well angulated.  Excellent movement.  Good balance.  Excellent coat.  Nice temperament."

Excellent Grading + Champion Quality

Best Australian Bred in Show

Henrik Soeborg (Denmark) - Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria Specialty 2018