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Zuleika puppies come


  • Registered with Dogs Tasmania (on the limited register unless sold on breeding and/or showing terms)

  • Microchipped & Vaccinated (you will be required to have your puppy vaccinated at 12 and 16 weeks and then annually)

  • DNA Tested (for relevant hereditary diseases)

  • With a Sales Contract (to protect the puppy, the breed, the owner, and the breeder)


Zuleika puppy owners are supported with


  • Membership to the Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria (for the remainder of the calendar year )

  • Membership to the Litter Facebook Group. This is a secret group that enables you to easily receive ongoing support, stay in contact and share photos with me and the owners of the other puppies in the litter.  This has proven to be a wonderful success with our previous litters.

  • A Royal Canin Puppy Pack (including a 4kg bag of the food your puppy has been raised on)

  • A Zuleika Puppy Pack of goodies.


Future Puppies

Zuleika is a boutique kennel and as such, we breed very selectively. 

Whilst we certainly have plans, it is unlikely we will be breeding in the near future.

When pregnancies are confirmed they will be announced here.

If you would like to be considered for a Zuleika puppy,

please complete an application via our partner RightPaw:

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Please be aware that simply 'putting your name down' does not guarantee you a puppy and we do not allow buyers to 'pick' their puppy.  Puppies and their forever homes are carefully matched, based on the lifestyle of the family and the personality of the puppy.  Gender, colour, show and sport preferences are also taken into consideration, as well as those who are willing to allow their puppy to contribute to our breeding program.  All puppies are sold under a written contract, which outlines my expectations of the new owner and in turn what the owner can expect from me.

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Some Advice for Puppy Buyers

In your research, you have probably come across the statement, “finding the right breeder is as important as finding the right breed.”  Whilst it might sound like a cliché, it is true.  But it can also seem like a daunting task.  Here is some advice to help navigate this process.


Firstly, look for breeders through reputable sites, such as RightPaw, Dogzonline, breed club websites (Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria / Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW) and each of the states’ controlling bodies:

        Dogs Tas                   Dogs Victoria

Dogs NSW                Dogs SA

 Dogs West                Dogs Qld

Dogs ACT                  Dogs NT

As a registered breeder, there is a Code of Practice we must adhere to.  This outlines the minimum requirements we must own and breed dogs under.


Next, you must also ensure they are able to sell puppies in your state, according to your state legislation.  This is particularly the case if you reside in Queensland, New South Wales, or Victoria.


Once you are sure a breeder meets these basic requirements it is time to make contact.  The best way to do this is either via email or if the breeder has a questionnaire, complete that.   Introduce yourself, your lifestyle and how you came to decide on a Finnish Lapphund.  Think of this as like a job application process - you want to make a good first impression and you will both be thoroughly ‘checking each other out’, to ensure a right fit.


Some questions you should expect a breeder to ask, include:

  • Why do you want a dog?

  • Have you met any of this breed?

  • Questions about your lifestyle, living arrangements, how much time you are away from your house each day;

  • What activities do you plan to do with your puppy?

  • Are you interested in showing or dog sports? Or breeding?

  • Do you have preferences in colour and/or gender?

Individual breeders will most likely have some additional questions of their own.  Someone once said to me, "only buy a puppy from someone who is willing to not sell you one.”  In other words, if a breeder isn’t really asking you any questions and seems a little too keen to sell you a puppy, that should raise some alarm bells.

In turn, you too, should have some questions to ask.  Decide for your self, beforehand, what are acceptable responses to these questions for you:

  • Can we visit to see the conditions your dogs live in? However, with COVID restrictions, you may need to compromise with this.  Perhaps a video call.

  • Where are your puppies born and raised?

  • How many litters a year do you breed (including any other breeds you have)?

  • What socialisation strategies do you use?

  • Do you sell your puppies with a written contract, to protect us both?

  • Do you belong to a breed club? 

  • What systems do you have in place to support puppy buyers once they take their puppy home?

  • Do you require a deposit?

The first 18 months, in particular, can be tough and you will need a lot of support, guidance, reassurance, and advice.  When buying a purebred puppy, from a registered breeder, you should do so with the confidence that driving out of the breeder's gate is not the last contact you will have with them.  You should feel as though you are entering into a partnership with your breeder, who will walk alongside you through your puppy's development.  If you do not get the sense that this would be the case, walk away and make contact with another breeder.