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Big Day Out

The thing about Spring in Tasmania is you can expect to experience all seasons in one day. And on Saturday we got just that: sun, wind, rain, freezing. But whilst the weather may have been all over the place, our dogs most certainly were not.

The Conformation Judges Training Committee holds both a Championship Show and Open Show on the one day, running concurrently. First, you compete at breed level in the Champ. show, before moving to the next ring and competing in the Open show.

We took a team of three, which is the most I have taken to a show in a long time.

Mishka (Zuleika Bombe Cerise) is our 12-month-old cream boy; this was his first show since February. He lives with a beautiful family locally, so doesn't receive any show training.

But he took it all in his stride. He moved beautifully and was happy to be examined by the judge. The 'standing' was a bit trickier, with him wanting to be a 'good boy' and sit. He did enough to receive his challenge, so has now opened his account towards his Australian Champion title.

Liina (Armahani Moonstone Movtta (ai)) blew me away! She is only 10 months of age and of course, due to COVID, hadn't been shown since she was four months old, but she has stepped out to show like a pro. She took Best of Breed under both judges, Rex Lowe (Champ. Show) and Ray Wall (Open Show), then shortlisted for Best in Group by both judges and awarded Best Puppy in Group. All up she went in the ring 10 times, on Saturday and took it all in her stride. I could not be more proud of my 'Bean'.

At the ripe old age of 4.5 years, Fleur (Aust. Ch. Armahani Iolite Ilo (ai) HT) is the veteran of our team. In only her second show as a Neuter, Rex Lowe awarded her some more points towards her Neuter Title. Then under Ray Wall, Fleur won Best Neuter in Group and going on to win Runner-up Best Neuter in Show. It really is a lot of fun to have her back in the ring.

Thank you to my mum, Cheryle Houghton, and Georgie Smith for helping handle and swap dogs.

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