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Zuleika Finnish Lapphunds is a boutique kennel situated in northern Tasmania, Australia, approximately 10 minutes from the centre of Launceston, dedicated solely to Finnish Lapphunds.  Our dogs live in our house, as an instrumental part of our family, and enjoy a rural aspect with two acres of undulating hills to run on. 

Zuleika will only ever be a small kennel.  Our dogs are first and foremost our family members.  As such, we do not breed regularly.  When we do, hours of consideration and research have gone into the planning.  This commitment to remaining a boutique kennel also means we are proud of the support we are able to provide to our puppies' forever homes, particularly in those 'tough' first 18 months.  It also means we are reliant on families who are willing to allow their Zuleika puppy to be a part of our future breeding program. 


I am dedicated to breeding dogs that are 'fit for function'.  In other words, dogs capable of doing the job for which the breed was intended.  In August 2018 I visited Finnish Lapland to see firsthand the environment in which Lappies work.  It is vital to remember that as 'cute and cuddly' as Finnish Lapphunds are, they are working/herding dogs, physically and mentally built to herd reindeer in thick snow.  They are not 'couch potato' Teddy Bears (though they do enjoy a good cuddle on the couch!).  If you are interested in this breed you may wish to think about participating in some type of dog 'sport'.  There are many to choose from: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Herding, Scentwork, Tricks, Flyball, and Backpacking.  These are all great for building a wonderful relationship with your Lappie and keeping them mentally and physically fit and healthy.


The most important aspect of breeding is to breed healthy, well-adjusted puppies.  All breeding stock are hip/elbow scored and eye tested regularly.  All puppies are DNA tested for relevant hereditary diseases.  Our puppies are born and raised in the house (in our open-plan living area), where they are exposed to children, visitors, common household noises and of course receive lots of cuddles.  We also use Puppy Culture protocols to ensure our puppies get the best possible start to their lives.


Our dedication to the breed also means we are active in the Finnish Lapphund community around the world.  We are members of Lappalaiskoirat ry (Lapponian Breeds Club - Finland), Southern Finnish Lapphund Society (UK) and the Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria (Australia).

Whilst 'Zuleika' is a fairly new Finnish Lapphund kennel, I am not new to dog showing and breeding.  I was 'born' into this world. My mother bred and showed Whippets and Pharaoh Hounds before she and I bred Whippets together under the Zuleika prefix.  I have also been involved with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Boston Terriers.  I am a former Tasmanian State Junior Handlers Representative (1996) and am now a qualified Junior Handlers Judge and Chair of the Dogs Tasmania Junior Handlers sub-committee.  In total, I have handled nearly 30 breeds.


I moved to London in early 2004, which marked the beginning of a 12-year hiatus from dogs.  Returning to Tasmania at the beginning of 2016, we immediately began our search for the perfect breed to join our family.  A chance sighting of a Lappie just before leaving Sydney set me on an unexpected course.  Fleur (Ch. Armahani Iolite Ilo (ai) HT) came to join us from Jacqualine Lincoln of Armahani kennels (Victoria, Australia) in May 2016. We were instantly in love with Fleur and the breed.  Then, in September 2016, Jacq began looking for a new home for Bennigan (Sup. Ch. Armahani Heliodorr Hulivili (ai) ET) after the passing of her good friend Vanessa Brotto (Articmal), to whom Benni had belonged.  As soon as I saw his photo I knew he had to come to us. But Vanessa had left strict instructions: Benni was to go to a show home.  And so I agreed. October 2016 saw me re-enter the ring. And the rest, as they say, is history.


I count my blessings every day that these two Lappies of such exceptional quality have formed the foundation of Zuleika Finnish Lapphunds.  I will be forever grateful to Jacqualine Lincoln for providing me with such an exceptional start in Lappies.  Not only for entrusting me with these two dogs but also for her unwavering support and guidance. Zuleika's colours of silver and gold and the theme of our first litter are both tributes to our two beautiful foundation dogs.  

If you would like to be considered for a Zuleika puppy, please head to our Puppies page.  If you any questions about my breeding program or Finnish Lapphunds in general,  do not hesitate to send me an email.

Rachael Holloway 


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